Highrise Commune

Material Studies



Grand Challenge: Sustainable Built Environment

Research Team 

Principal Investigators:
Michael Budig
Oliver Heckmann

Research Assistants:
Markus Matthias Hudert
Amanda Ng Qi Boon

Lynette Cheah, ESD/SUTD 
Colin Yip, Arup Singapore

Richard De Neufville


High-rise Commune

A participatory design exercise based on the polyvalent layout template followed up on discussions on ‘Operational Forms’ that apply specific processes of developing, designing, erecting and running a habitat.
The highly adaptable polyvalent layout of a high-rise level was determined as a base for small groups of students to formulate joint concepts of living together as neighbours. Then taking on client- and designer roles, all units were designed by accommodating individual requirements and conceptions of co-habitation. The results have been presented at the CIB World Building Congress 2019 in Hong Kong.

Urban Housing Typologies 2019, Course for Under- and Postgraduate students, Lead Oliver Heckmann

Base plan and co-designed neighbourhood levels
Co-designed neighbourhood levels, duplex units
Co-designed neighbourhood levels
Adaptation of generic layout to hybrid appropriations (Research team: Amanda Ng, Chloe Liang)